Learn to Dance Together!



Getting Started

Introductory Classes

These classes are meant for people who have never had any formal ballroom dance lessons or for those for whom it's been a while. Featuring 6 of the most popular ballroom and latin dances, these classes introduce you to the basic steps you need to 'survive' on the dance-floor. You won't be a pro after these classes, but you will have a sense for the "feel" of each dance, and you will have enough material to be able to dance through an entire song with a little bit of style!

6 Week Program

Class 1 - Intro to Foxtrot, Rumba and Salsa

Class 2 - Introduction to Tango, Waltz and Swing

These classes run once a week for six weeks on either Tuesdays or Thursdays. Each class is 55-minutes long. Check out our calendar for the next start dates.

12 Week Program

(25% off 2 individual 6-week programs)

Sign up for both Introductory Classes to complete our full Introductory Program and be ready to enter Bronze 1 (the next level up)! This option can be taken once a week for 12 weeks or twice a week for six weeks.

Classes begin every six weeks so if you missed the current set, you can still get started soon. Or if you're getting ready for a cruise or a special occasion, or just plain can't wait to get started, we'll be happy to take you on with our private lesson program.

*** New Student Introductory Offer ***

When you register for an Introducotory Program for the first time, you can purchase a private lesson for 50% off for each six week program you buy per person - or two private lessons at 50% off for the twelve week program!


Introductory Personalized Plan

Our IPP program is a personalized entry to the world of ballroom dancing. It is a guided tour that gives new students a chance to try each of our 3 main learning environments. The program includes:

  • 6 Private lessons - These are tailored around your interests, your pace, your schedule and your particular needs. Private lessons ensure you get the best possible start to your dancing journey.
  • 6 Group lessons - Our 6 week Intro classes will review some of things you're learning in your privates, expand into new dances and techniques, and give you a chance to try out your dancing with a variety of partners.
  • 6 Practice parties - Your chance to take your dancing onto a real, social dance floor. This is where you get to put your dancing into practice with new and experienced students as well as other instructors!
  • Privates, Groups and Parties are the 3 pillars of all successful dance programs and we use them in combination to maximize your learning.

What happens next?

Once you have completed our Introductory Program you can enroll in any Bronze 1 class! In Brozne 1 we build on material taught in the Introductory program - fancier steps and combinations are added, technique is improved and styling elements add flourish.

How to get the most out of your lessons

Like any learned skill, good dancing comes through practice. The more you see, hear and do dancing, the better dancer you will become! We encourage our students to immerse themselves as much as possible in this new, absolutely delightful pursuit - listen to music to see if you can pick out the beat, tune in to your posture and foot stride when walking and most importantly, start coming to the dance parties after two or three lessons. The dance parties are your "training ground for the real world". They give you the opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills with other fellow students on the dance floor who are also learning and, unlike lessons where your teachers guide you through your steps, you get to test out your skills before "going out there". This will give you and your teacher valuable feedback on what worked and what didn't and what you would like to work on. Not to mention they are really fun and you will be amazed at how far and how quickly you have come!

Fun & Easy!



"I came to Dancing for Dessert with a need to learn to dance, but without a belief that is was possible... The structure of the dance lessons was exactly what I needed to build my belief.

The private and group lessons all worked in harmony with the dance parties to teach and apply what I had learned. The private lessons gave me the close attention I needed to learn the basic steps of each dance. The group lessons gave me an opportunity to practice with other partners, who were also learning the basic steps in private lessons. In the end, the dance parties were a huge step out of my comfort zone, but definitely valuable in learning to dance in a community.

It must also be said that my interaction with all the instructors and fellow students at Dancing for Dessert has been an overwhelmingly positive experience. I am now confidently looking forward to dancing with my daughter at her wedding. Thank you for making this possible!

I highly recommend Dancing for Dessert for everyone who is desiring to dance. I have learned that life is truly more enjoyable, when you are willing to dance to its rhythm."


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