Learn to Dance Together!



Social Dancing

At Dancing for Dessert our focus is on social dancing. For us that means we teach people to dance for fun; to any music, on any floor with any partner.

It could be at a wedding, on a cruise ship or at an office party. It could be with your daughter, husband, mom or grandfather. The music could be slow or fast, funky or smooth, pop or latin or rock and roll. Whatever the circumstance, we will help you succeed and have fun dancing wherever you are!

To that end we teach 3 main categories of partner dancing: Smooth/Standard, Rhythm/Latin and Club/Specialty Dances. Our syllabus is based on the DVIDA curriculum which is the most widely accepted partner dance curriculum for independant dance schools. Our focus is on American Style figures and styling, although we have a lot of experience teaching and dancing International Style as well.

Basically if it takes 2, it's something we do! See below for more details on the major dances we teach.

Get On The Dancefloor


Smooth & Standard Dances



Smooth, Easygoing, Carefree! As simple as walking with a spring in your step, foxtrot can be enjoyed by anyone. Keep your walks natural and relaxed as you cruise around to the smooth, jazzy rhythms!


Sweeping, Elegant, Graceful! Slow waltz is a favorite of many dancers with its slow, sweeping feeling and elegant sway and rotation. Swing wide on count 2 to make it flow, and hold your 3's to control the time.


Passionate, Dramatic & Intense! Tango uses combination of walks, promenades and highlight figures to get you around the floor with sharp staccato style. Try to place your feet clearly and use heel leads forward and toe releases back!

Viennese Waltz

Swirling, Grand, Elegant! Imagine yourself sweeping around the floor at a Viennese Ball as the orchestra plays a famous Strauss Waltz - 123 123!


Bright, Buoyant, Fun! With it's lively music and exciting chasse's, skips and spins the quickstep is hard to resist. Control your speed with good footwork and let your hair down a bit to enjoy the breeze!

Rhythm & Latin Dances



Slow, Sensual, Romantic! Imagine the sun going down, sand underfoot and a slow Latin beat in the air. The rumba is the dance of love, but it won't hurt the mood to hold your feet on the floor and start to work those hips!

Cha Cha

Fast, Flirtatious, Fun! Once your feet get locked in to the basic cha cha rhythm, you won't want to be sitting. Whether it's classically Cuban, clubby or pop, cha cha music is energetic, punchy and always fun!

Swing / Jive

Bright, Buoyant, Fun! Whether you call it jive, jitterbug, rock'n'roll or swing, this dance brings generations together with it's classic moves and rock & roll beat. A 'must-know' for any dance event.


Exotic, Rhythmical, Carnival! The heavy, tribal rhythm of the samba makes sitting still almost impossible! Good basic feet and knee actions and an emphasis on correct timing are a recipe for Samba success.

Salsa / Mambo

Sexy, Spicy, Exciting! The salsa music played by Cuban bands is extremely dense with rhythm, syncopations and playfulness. Wraps, spins and checks add fun to the dance, but it always comes back to the beat!

Club & Specialty Dances



Rhythmical, Marching, Party-time! An easy marching rhythm and simple steps make the Merengue accessible to all! Here is your entry to Cuban Motion and a host of fun wraps, spins and turns that anyone can do!

West Coast Swing

Bluesy, Elastic, Heavy! Although WC Swing can be adapted to a wide range of music its roots are in the blues. A smooth elastic connection and an openness to improvisation are key.

Nightclub Two Step

Romantic, Easy, Flowing. With steps similar to a Colombian-Style Salsa, Nite Club 2 slows things way down and fills a dance void for a range of ballads and romantic songs.

Country 2-step

Country, Western, Fun! Break out the cowboy hat and boots; two-step is good old-fashioned, country style fun! The music can be contemporary or western, but you'll be smiling either way. Yee Hah!

Argentine Tango

Intimate, Playful, Improvisational! Simple walking steps and a strong awareness of your partner are the entry to the dance. A myriad of intricate stylings and musical interpretation awaits!