Learn to Dance Together!



Getting On The Dancefloor

Social Dances

Studio Dance Parties are an opportunity for DFD students to "test drive" their dancing on a real, social dance floor!

We host our regular dance parties every Tuesday and Friday. The cost is $5 per person.

At our dances you get to meet and dance with students of all levels, improve your leading/following skills, and,if you're a man, your navigation skills as well. You also get to see how the dances develop as you get better and you can see how far you've come when you start helping out newcomers. Staff is in attendance on both nights to make sure everyone is having a good time!

Student performances, Line dances and occasional teacher demos are all part of the fun.


Does the heart of performer beat within you? We can help you can satisfy the Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers within…

Solo Routines

For solo routines students prepare ahead of time during private lessons. Choosing costumes and music, and practicing a lot are all part of the process.

Solo routines are an ideal way to immerse yourself in a single dance and take your dancing to a whole new level. The attention to detail and focus required is challenging but also very rewarding.

Formation Teams

A Formation is another fun and exciting way to perform and is as big a challenge as a solo routine. Formation participants learn a choreographed routine, share good times and perform as a group. Rehearsals are run like a group class and there is a cost to participate. You also need to provide your own costume and commit to most of the practices.

There are many factors that influence who participates in a given routine including time availability, interest, dance level etc. We try to give everyone a turn at participating so don’t be surprised if you’re asked!

There are many opportunites for you to perform throughout the year. If you would like to get involved in either a routine or formation or have some other idea that you’ve always dreamt about please let us know.

Special Events


We have special events almost every month of the year. Visit our calendar for specific dates for upcoming events. Some of our biggest events include:


Our Showcases in May and November are two of our biggest events of the year. It's an event highlighting what ballroom and latin dancing is all about: enjoying an elegant evening dancing together, socializing, performance, expression, dressing up and experiencing something quite special and unique!

Showcases typically feature:

  • pro-am performances (a student dancing with a teacher)
  • amateur performances (a student dancing with another student)
  • group heats where the choreographed solos are danced again with other couples on the floor - this is what you see at a dance competition
  • staff performances
  • general dancing throughout the night for everyone
  • light refreshments throughout the evening

April Showers Ball

Our April Showers Ball has a different theme every year. Past themes have included 80's night, Wild Wild West and 'In the Jungle'. This year's event is on Friday April 29th and the theme is Secret Agent!

April Showers

Dinner Dancing at the Copper Room

We have been to the Copper Room at Harrison Hot Springs every June since 2005. Travis and his crew take great care of us and the Jones Boys band keep the dance music coming all evening. It's one of the best (and only) live music/dinner/dancing venues in the Vancouver area.


Dancing in the Park

Another tradition of ours is Dancing under the bandstand in Douglas Park on a warm summer evening sometime in July or August. The floor is concrete, but the fresh air makes up for it!


Halloween Party

The ballroom gets haunted every October and a lot of freaky folks show up to dance the night away.


Christmas Party

Always a special night with everyone dressed up, music of the season, potluck food and special performances.


New Year's Eve Party

Theme's for New Years have included Masquerade, Black & White Ball and 'On the Red Carpet'. It's another special night to spend dancing with good friends, food and music

New Years