Learn to Dance Together!



Private Lessons


Private lessons offer detailed, personalized instruction that give you the "feel" for a dance and focus on your specific needs. They are 55 minutes long and are booked by appointment around your schedule.

Private lessons are the best way to improve your dancing quickly because the instruction is based on your particular needs, desires and abilities. They are the most important part of our program for those who really want to develop advanced movement and style in their dancing.

Private lessons are especially useful when:

  • you're preparing for a special occasion; a wedding dance, a cruise, a special night out etc.
  • you've been having problems leading/following a particular pattern
  • you're just not getting the group class material and feel you're holding up the class.
  • you're preparing for a dance competition and need routines or technique tips.
  • you'd like to perform at one of our student showcases
  • you're in a hurry to learn
  • you can't make our regularly scheduled group classes.
  • you want the indepth instruction and personal attention that is only possible in a private lesson.

We encourage all of our students to take regular privates to get personal feedback on their progress, to stop bad habits before they start and to be the best dancer they can be!

Group Classes

Intro Classes

Our intro classes welcome people who have never danced before to the world of ballroom dancing. They feature 6 of the most popular ballroom and latin dances including foxtrot, rumba, salsa, waltz, tango and swing. Visit our getting started page to find out more!

Bronze 1

Once you've completed the Intro Program, you're ready to begin Bronze 1 classes. Bronze 1 classes focus on a single dance over four weeks of instruction. This allows you to review and make your introductory steps automatic as well as learn new patterns. We also start to work on more advanced ideas like leading and following, floor-craft (how to get around a crowded dance floor) and sometimes even a bit of styling.

Bronze 2 and Beyond...

At this point you have an interesting variety of patterns to dance, and while you're not quite ready to lead or follow someone brand new, you are ready to learn a few more dances that require a higher skill level.

Repetition of Classes

Becoming a better dancer is an ongoing journey; and a fun one at that! As you advance in levels you will find repeating classes very useful to help you remember patterns and skills and to keep your technique sharp. We highly recommend repeating classes previously taken as a means to building muscle memory and adding layers of depth to your dancing. You will find that you will learn something new every time! In fact, we encourage repetition of classes by offering repeat class pricing! The first time your repeat the exact same class, it is 25% off the regular price, your second and all subsequent repeats are 50% off!

Tips For Taking Group Classes

When taking a class for the first time, focus on the pattern of the steps. Our instructors are trained to give everyone in the class something to work on and the pattern is what students taking the class for the first time should try to master. When you take a class for the second time, focus on the lead/follow as well as clear timing. If you have mastered the pattern and timing, try to add more personality and character to your dancing by focusing on the styling and accents of the steps.

Dancing is a personal journey and everyone learns at their own pace. There is no rush as there is no final destination. Dancing is a skill that can be enjoyed for the rest of your life - enjoy the ride, ahem, dance!