Learn to Dance Together!




We have a COVID-19 safety plan to keep you safe at Dancing for Dessert. Welcome to our "new normal"! These rules and options will continue to evolve and be updated to reflect the current guidance from our public health officials.

1. Assess the Risks

We have identified:

  1. Activities where social distancing will be difficult.
  2. Places where groups might gather.
  3. Surfaces that people touch often.

2. Implement Protocols

1st Level - Elimination - Limit the number of people at the studio and ensure physical distance.

  1. We have cancelled all group activities that result in an elevated heart rate including our group practices and high intensity group classes.
  2. Bathrooms are limited to one person at a time.
  3. No group activities may take place in the upstairs mezzanine.
  4. We have reduced our common seating arrangements. Students are encouraged to pass quickly through the reception area and into the ballroom where they may change their shoes and place their belongings at their own station.
  5. We have established a maximum capacity of 3 people upstairs, 1 receptionist and 13 people downstairs for a total studio capacity of 17.
  6. Group class capacity is six couples or less to ensure social distancing. This guarantees a maximum of 13 people in the large ballroom at a time.
  7. Maximum class size for individual-style dancing such as a formation or technique class is 8 students.
  8. Only one private lesson can take place in the upstairs mezzanine. This guarantees a maximum of three people in that room at one time.
  9. Up to two private lessons may take place in the downstairs ballroom at the same time. Each lesson takes place in half of the room without crossing over.
  10. Payments are taken by phone and online whenever possible.
  11. We have offset the times of some lessons and to decrease traffic through the reception area.

2nd Level - Engineering (barriers etc.)

  1. We have placed an acrylic physical barrier on our reception desk.

3rd Level - Administrative Controls, Rules and Guidelines

  1. Students may only dance with their own partner in a group class. Rotating partners is not allowed.
  2. Social distancing will be practiced at all times throughout the studio with the exception of instructors teaching private lessons or instructing students in a group class setting.
  3. In a group class setting a teacher may approach students to give instruction but must sanitize hands after finishing and before moving on to someone else.

4th Level - PPE

  1. Masks are mandatory when entering the studio and must be worn by all individuals when in a room with another person present.
  2. Masks are mandatory for teachers and students in a group class.
  3. Masks are mandatory for teachers and students during private lessons.

Cleaning & Hygiene

  1. Everyone must sanitize their hands upon entering the studio.
  2. Teachers must wash their hands in between lessons.
  3. Tables and other commonly touched surfaces such as door knobs, bathroom doors, faucets, tables, reception counter are sanitized regularly throughout the day.
  4. Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the studio. One at the studio entrance, six in the main ballroom, and two in the upstairs mezzanine.
  5. We have closed our kitchenette and students must come prepared with their own water bottle if they feel they will need to drink during their visit.

3. Develop Policies

  1. We ask that anyone showing or feeling symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 10 days stay home .
  2. We offer credits for classes missed due to sickness.

4. Develop Communication Plans & Training

  1. We have posted signage at our front entrance restricting anyone feeling symptoms of COVID-19.
  2. We have posted our COVID-19 safety plan in the studio and on our website.
  3. Our staff are required to stay home if they feel unwell or exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19.

5. Monitor Workplace

  1. We will continue to follow the guidance of our local health authorities on best practices and rules around COVID-19 in BC.
  2. We continue to evaluate the risks in our studio and make changes to ensure the safety of everyone who visits.

6. Assess and Address Risks for Reopening

  1. Prior to resuming operations, we fully reviewed our operations and implemented protocols and procedures to ensure the health and safety of our staff and students.